Published on Tuesday, 15 May 2012 10:40

Panther crab – Parathelphusa pantherina

origin: Sulawesi, in and on Lake Matano

If you would like to read more about them from a scientific paper click here.


I got my hands on some of these and was intrigued on how they were shipped in. I want to take a few mintues to share. We often dont get fish/inverts the credit they deserve. They can survive some amazing things.


These crabs came in a typical large fish bag but were kept in their own containers. This allows them to ship many of them in a small amount of space.


Two containers stapled together to keep them closed. They are not sealed shut which allowed air to pass though.



It might be a little hard to see but each were also shipped with a sponge. This allows them to keep moist so they dont dry out.


I took a few pictures real quick in one of my containers. As you can see its as healthy as good be with no negitive resaults because of the shipping.