My Fish Room for 2014


You can click on the articles to see the history of my fish room. These are changes made for 2014. I spend 2013 making the room more efficient. I still have some minor adjustments to be made.


Most people will spend hours cleaning glass making everything look perfect before taking pictures. These pictures are from after a day of shipping.


One of the major changes I made was to my central system. To save on power I ran new 1inch pvc lines to all the tanks and installed a smaller pump. My central system came with a 2hp pump. I downgraded before to a 1.5hp pump. I am now using a Iwaki MD40RLXT pump. A lot less water being pumped though the tankĀ  but also uses a lot less power. The old pump is still hooked up so i can use the uv system if its ever needed. I also installed a new trickle system for the bio tower.


Trickle system powered by a small pump in the sump.

IMG 7432


These 3 tanks have fish in them but mostly for plants.

IMG 7433

Top sections are for plants and smaller groups of fish. Middle tanks are slowly having the plants removed. The middle tanks all hold fish. The bottom row are for crays snails and plants.

IMG 7437

IMG 7439

Got a few packages of shipping boxes in. Middle tank has frogs and snails. Bottom tank has crayfish.

IMG 7441

Some how I missed getting a new picture of the 240.

You can see the rows of tanks here. These are all on auto water change system like before. Though what I like best is the power. All the power lines run above the tanks. I have 3 circuits for them. 1st is always on. For the most part isnt used but there incase I need to add heaters. 2nd is the timer. Since most of these are all fish for the most part none are on the timer. All plant tanks are on the timer so I dont have to worry about them getting enough light. 3rd is what I like the most. The 3rd is on a light switch. This way I can turn the lights on and off in the whole fish room.

IMG 7442

A new thing I been working on is organization. All the tanks are now numbered with the white board I am slowly filling in. I also adding the name of the fish/inverts/plants on the tank as well.

IMG 7458


IMG 7443

The 20 gallon longs on the ends still have some work to do. I am going to add some kind of clip on light. I havent got them yet so it makes it a little hard to see into them.IMG 7444

IMG 7446

IMG 7448

IMG 7449

IMG 7453

IMG 7455

IMG 7460

So thats what I have up so far. I had plans for a row of 20 gallon long inbetween the 40 gallons and the other row but I like having the open space. I dont want it to be cramped. I am going to add a rack of 20 longs though against the wall between the wall of 40s and the other row. There also might be another rack of 3 or 6 more 20 gallons for plants. The rest of the pictures are just random live stock i got pictures of.

Red Devil Crabs

IMG 7401

IMG 7410

IMG 7429

IMG 7461


IMG 7466

Harlequin rasbora

IMG 7467

IMG 7468


IMG 7499

IMG 7456

Some new endlers… got them as chilli endlers though looks like some culling needs to happen.

IMG 7469

IMG 7470

IMG 7472

IMG 7473

IMG 7474

IMG 7475

IMG 7479

Danio Erythromicron with corydoras habrosus – preping the tank for the next tank of nerites. I move them around to kept them fed.

IMG 7481

IMG 7483

IMG 7486

Bamboo Shrimp

IMG 7501

cherry shrimp and Boraras naevus

IMG 7503

Clown Killies

IMG 7507

IMG 7512

IMG 7518

IMG 7519

red lyretail swordtail

IMG 7535

IMG 7543

Taiwan Blue Guppies

IMG 7550

Caridina cf. propinqua orange

IMG 7551

IMG 7553

tangerine tiger shrimp

IMG 7555

Apistogramma cacatuoides with Stiphodon atropurpureus

IMG 7560

IMG 7562

pygmy cories

IMG 7566

sids – Yasuhikotakia Sidthimunki

IMG 7568

chinese zebra shrimp

IMG 7570

bee shrimp

IMG 7571

Indian Whitebanded Shrimp with albino bristlenose pleco

IMG 7574

IMG 7575

Thai micro crabs

IMG 7577

IMG 7579

Orange Poso Rabbit Snails

IMG 7581