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Delays in emails and orders

I want to apologize for the delay in emails and orders. a family member went into the hospital. I dropped everything and went out of state.  Sadly, they didn’t make it. this kept me out of state longer than I expected. I will be refunding all late orders shortly. I am sorry for the delay but family comes first.

New Live Stock Aug 30th 2016

Lots of good fish came in this week.


apistogramma pucallpaensis

Corydoras pygmaeus – pygmy cories

Corydoras habrosus – Salt and Pepper Cory – habrosus cory

Vampire Oto – Vampiro Otocinclus

camaron zebra shrimp

Hemigrammus rhodostomus – Rummy-nose tetra

Forktail Rainbowfish – Pseudomugil furcatus

Thai Micro Crabs – Limnopilos naiyanetr


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