Published on Friday, 25 January 2013 02:32

My fish room Jan 2012

My fish room is a work in progress. I cleared out the room and started over in 2011 in a more thought out set up. Its still not 100% finished yet. I am also planning a future expaction as well.

These are 2 racks of 20 gallon tanks. The top tanks are all shrimp. The middle tanks has one with Pseudomugil Gertrudae two other tanks with shrimp and the fourth with the thia micro crabs. The bottom 4 has fish.

The top 3 20 gallon tanks are shrimp tanks. The middle is a community tankĀ  The bottom 2 are bare bottom QTs.

The top 3 tanks hold Shrimp. In 2 of the tanks I have some Show guppies the other assassins. The middle tank is my monster grow out tank. I have a black ghost knife, Polypterus endlicheri and a angelfish. On the bottom is 2 more bare bottom QTs.

This is one side of my central system. These are all connected by a large sump. Everything that goes in here gets quarantine for 1-2 months+ before being moved in. It also allows me to hold a large amount of nerites in smaller tanks then i am normally able to do.

This is the 2nd half of the central system.

This is a rack of quarantine tanks. You can also see the heater since i run a central heat for the fish room.

My central system is filtered by a large sump. Bellow is the pump.

This is the sump with the large bio tower. The bio tower is 5 feet tall packed with bio balls.

All the water washing over the bio balls.