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Clea helena. have a pest snail problem? these will take care of them. 

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Assassin Snails or  Clea Helena are small freshwater snails named for their preferred diet of other snails, mainly pest snails.  While they will also eat flake food and blood worms, Assassin snails prefer to eat live pest snails, and are very useful at clearing your tank of pond snails or ramshorn snails.  They are also brightly colored and easy to care for.


Assassin snails can live in a wide variety of water types and when acclimated are typically known to be almost indestructible.  They prefer tropical temps and like most snails do the best in hard water, but can tolerate a wide PH range.  They are sexual and while they populate slower than pest snails, when male and female assassins are both present, they will reproduce. These snails need no less than a 5 gallon tank and they max in size between 1-2 inches when fully grown.


Assassin snails are plant friendly and peaceful with shrimp and fish.  They may or may not eat fish eggs and so caution should be used when using them in breeding tanks, but for the most part they are peaceful to all aquatic creatures aside from other snails.  Assassin snails are an excellent way to control your pest snail population and also a colorful addition to your aquarium.




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