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Super Tiger Shrimp (Cardina Cantonensis) are a wild type of freshwater shrimp originating in various places in Asia.  They are beautiful and easy to keep shrimp with tiger striped markings and a yellowish tail and head. 


Super Tiger Shrimp require much the same water conditions as regular Tiger Shrimp.  They prefer clean soft water with a PH of around 6.5-7.5, and they need tropical temperatures of about 74-78 degrees Fahrenheit. Super Tiger Shrimp are relatively easy to breed and will do so readily in the clean freshwater aquarium.  Females are only distinguishable by their wider body and larger carriage underneath where she will carry her eggs or berries.  Fully grown Super Tiger Shrimp usually max out around 1.5 inches and live anywhere from 1 to 2 years.


Super Tiger shrimp are not picky eaters.  They are scavengers and will spend much of their time feeding off small bits of algae or dead plant matter. They enjoy foods such as algae wafers, flake food, or even things like frozen bloodworms.  Golden Tiger Shrimp make a beautiful and easy to keep addition to any aquarium. 



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