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self cloning crayfish or also know as marbled crayfish

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Marmorkrebs, also called Marbled Crayfish or Self Cloning Crayfish are really amazing crayfish. They are Not sexual and are all females. They are parthenogenetic giving them the ability to self clone without any need for sexual reproduction or fertilization of eggs by a male.


Marmorkrebs are not picky about water conditions and can stand a wide range of temperatures and PH levels. They tend to only clone when kept in temps below 77, but will still be able to thrive in temps up to 82. Planted tanks are not ideal for these crays as they tend to eat live plants. They are not picky eaters. They will eat dried food like algae wafers as well as nuked veggies and even live snails. The can get to be up to 5 inches max, but usually they are a bit smaller than that and max out around 3 inches or so. They prefer to have some hiding places such as caves or PVC pipe available to them. Care should be taken when adding tank mates with these guys as a lot of aggressive or larger fish will feed on them or eat their young.


Marmorkrebs make super interesting pets for your aquarium and they are hardy enough to be kept by both beginners and experienced hobbyists alike.




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