white clarkii crayfish

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Procambarus Clarkii sp. white orginal native to the USA now selective breed with many colors. 

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White Clarkii Crayfish or  Procambarus Clarkii sp. White are white Crayfish that have been selectively bred for their White coloration.  Originally found in the USA, these Crayfish get relatively large maxing out around 5 inches at most.  They are also available in other colors.

White Clarkii Crayfish are not terribly difficult to care for.  They are known for being an extremely hardy species that can survive a very wide range of water conditions and fluctuations.  They are sexual and will breed in the freshwater aquarium when male and female are kept together.  Sexing them is usually easy since the males typically have larger claws and slimmer bodies, but this is not always the case and sometimes they need to be checked from underneath.  They may be kept in small groups of their own kind, but keeping them with other kinds of crayfish is generally thought to be a bad idea.  Like other crustaceans, these crayfish go through a molting period where they shed their exoskeleton.  After shedding they are vulnerable until their new exoskeleton hardens.  Crayfish are omnivorous and will eat most foods dried, live, or frozen that is offered to them.  They are also not ideal for a planted tank as they will eat live plants as well.  
White Clarkii Crayfish make interesting and colorful freshwater pets.  They are very hardy and may be kept by beginners and experienced aquarists alike.



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