corydoras habrosus

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dwarf cory one of three cories that can work in tanks as small as 10 gallons. uncommon and hard to find.

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 Corydora Habrosus or Salt and Pepper Corys are dwarf Cory catfish from South America.  Their tiny size, reaching only about 1.5 inches when fully grown, makes them a prime candidate for small tanks or even shrimp tanks of 10 gallons or more. Their Salt and Pepper markings also make them an attractive fish to keep.


Salt and Pepper Corys do best in planted established tanks and with groups or shoals of their own kind.  It is best to keep at least 3 of them together, but the more the better.  They can also be kept with other non-aggressive fish.  They prefer temperatures of 72-79 degrees Fahrenheit and a PH of 6.2-7.2.  They are not picky and will consume most omnivorous foods prepared foods or small live foods.   They are sexed the same way as other Corydoras by looking from above.  From above the female will have a thicker body and may be larger in general than the male.  Salt and Pepper Corys can be bred in freshwater.


Like other bottom dwellers, clean water and substrate are essential to Corydora Habrosus health.  They are sensitive to dirty water conditions and dirty substrate can cause issues with their barbells.  When kept in clean conditions they are easy fish to maintain.  Salt and Pepper Corys make an entertaining and attractive addition to your aquarium.



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