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Otocinclus or Otos are small bottom dwelling fish from South America that are considered the best algae eating fish in the hobby.  Plecos usually hold the title of "algae eaters" but in reality Otos are much more proficient at it.


Otocinclus are peaceful fish and they do best in large groups of their own kind, but are also easily kept with other non-aggressive fish.  They prefer temperatures of 74-79 degrees Fahrenheit and a PH of 6.8-7.5.  They typically max out around 2 inches in size.  Otos do best in an established planted tank where algae has been allowed to grow, but if algae is not provided, they will take algae wafers or blanched veggies.  Otos are sexed the same way as Cory catfish.  If you look at them from above the female will be more broad and thick through the body.  They will breed in freshwater but will consume their own eggs if the eggs are not removed from the tank.


Like many bottom dwellers, clean water, regular water changes, and clean substrate are essential to keeping Otos healthy.  They are easy fish to maintain as long as clean water, substrate, and adequate food is provided.  These fish are shy and prefer to have plenty of hiding spaces in order to remain unstressed, but have amusing personalities when they are out and about.  They make an attractive and beneficial addition to your aquarium.





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